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What is rock crystal?

Rock crystal is the colourless, transparent variety of quartz. It is formed by solidification of a liquid at high temperature  that filled cracks and crevices of quartzite-or schist formations. Its constituent molecules are arranged in an ordered pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.

The hexagonal shape of the crystals is typical for quartz and is reflected in all quartz crystals on earth. The most famous sites of rock crystal are: Minas Gerais (Brazil), Arkansas (USA), Alps (Switzerland), Ural (Russia) and Madagascar.

Particular for  rock crystal is the huge diversity of applications:

  • pretty loose crystals and crystal groups are highly appreciated by collectors or simply as decoration;
  • industrial rock crystal and other quartz types are used because of their  property "piezo-electricity". A well-known application of this is the use in quartz watches;
  • In addition, rock crystal used in the radio industry (satellites) and in the optical industry.

For example, crystal wine glasses are made of glass and therefore "created" or manmade while rock crystal is pure natural.

For the Greeks was rock crystal "frozen water" (Greek: "krystallos").

Throughout history rock crystal was known as a purifying stone in various cultures and is still used as energy generator. Also many people use rock crystal to help balance body and soul.

Rock crystal is widely used in meditation and at various therapies. Both loose crystals and clusters as cut stones are sought after as a healing stone and a stone that empowers the effects  of other stones.

A symbol of purity and communication, quartz crystals charm, fascinate and spellbind people of every culture all over the world.


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